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The perfect gift for a special person? Order your personalized and sustainable Passportsleeve.

product details

  • hand sewn
  • quality leather from germany
  • sustainable as from wasted leather pieces
  • design
  • made in Vienna
  • personalized with your name or your text
  • colors can vary a bit as it is a natural product

Note: Every product is made out of recycled or reused leather, which can lead to small scars or contamination’s on the surface. Also the color may vary slightly.

Shipping: 2-3 weeks

Size: Worldstandard (= including Austria and all new passports from Germany), Germany (= old size)

If you have questions, please contact me via


ACHTUNG: Momentan sind nur die Initialen als Prägung möglich. (5-6 Buchstaben)
Bitte verrate mir beim Checkout, welche Farbe deine Prägung haben soll. Gold – Silber oder ohne Farbe. 

In friendly cooperation with YAGA.

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Additional information

Size of Sleeve

Germany (current format), World Standard


Blush Pink, Choco, Roségold